One day I woke up thirsty for griches so I went into my shed full of riches and thought "what will I mine for today? Gems?No. I got it...Gold!  I ran to my room and put my hiking gear on. Then my mom to drove me to the mountains . It was a long trip but we made it there. Then we started to dig. On my 3rd bang the ground below me started to crack. Next thing you know I was in a very bright cave. The light was so bright that I was almost blinded then I saw a white flying thing and I asked myself "am I in heaven?" a very sweet voice said "NO, this is Angelheaven. Where all is good. When the angel heard my mother she flew me back up to the top of the mountain. The my mother saw I was fine and drove me back home.
Kidblog Surveys

Name:            Lucinda Lindsey, my mom
Observations taken while surveyor navigates site:   My mother looked a little confused, happy and understanding.
1.   What were your first impressions of this blog?
“It was nice, obviously a kid’s blog, with a lot of interesting topics.”
2.  What captured your attention?
“ The pictures captured my attention and the font was easy to read.  The headers on the page were very distinct.”
3.  What distracted you on the blog?
“Some of the posts have links which take you to another site, and I got stuck on those sites for a while.  That was distracting. Plus some of the links were broken.”
4.  What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?
“You should: (1) Edit for spelling, grammar, and variety of content. Don’t use the same words or phrases too often.  2. Make sure all links are active, not broken.  3. Make sure linked pages have content accessible for most computers (even old ones) so all users get the same access to content.  4. Use language as descriptive and complex as can be to keep readers reading – so nothing is too short, but yet easy to read for people who are in grammar school.”

Name:            Mr. Murphy
Observations taken while surveyor navigates site:  Mr. Murphy looked like he understood my blog. While navigating the site he looked kind of happy, then happy, not so happy, like he was enjoying the blog, interested, then kind of bored.
1.  What were your first impressions of this blog?
Mr. Murphy said he was very impressed with my topics and my comments.
2.  What captured your attention?
“The pictures and my Prezi with the websites.”
3.  What distracted you on the blog?
“A few minor errors.”
4.  What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?
 “1. Keep on reading to get ideas.  2. Keep on writing.”  3.  Stay focused on one particular topic.”

Name:            Ghislane
Observations taken while surveyor navigates site:   Ghislane looked very happy but at times looked confused.  She also looked surprised and noticed that I am behind.
1.  What were your first impressions of this blog?
She said she enjoyed it a lot. At first she was a little confused but figured it out.
2.  What captured your attention?
My poem captured her attention.
3.  What distracted you on the blog?
The fact that I didn’t cite or put in many pictures distracted her.
4.  What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?
She said I should use different text colors and more interesting titles.

Weebly Surveys

Name:            Lucinda Lindsey, my mom
Observations taken while surveyor navigates site:   She looked impressed and confued.
1.  What were your first impressions of this blog?
“The website looked impressive because the brown looked rugged.”
2.  What captured your attention?
“The koala bear in the picture captured my attention.”
3.  What distracted you on the blog?
“That there were not many posts.”
4.  What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?
“1. Write more.  2. Add more features.”

Name:            Mr. Murphy
Observations taken while surveyor navigates site:   He looked interested.
1.  What were your first impressions of this blog?
Mr. Murphy said he loved my picture and my title.
2.  What captured your attention?
He said the picture captured his attention.
3.  What distracted you on the blog?
4.  What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?
“1. More pictures.  2. More posts.”

Name:            Ghislane
Observations taken while surveyor navigates site:   She did not look very interested; she looked confused.
1.  What were your first impressions of this blog?
She said the blog was not that good.
2.  What captured your attention?
She liked my map and my fish.
3.  What distracted you on the blog?
The fact that there was only post.
4.  What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?
“Fix the titles, add more things on your weebly, put something under the picture on the home page.”

} On June 6th, 2013, the 4th grade went to Liberty Science Center.  It was the best day of my life.  We were scientists, we were inside the Infection Connection Train and we saw lots of cool sea animals.  The day started when we watched a 3D movie about sea animals and how some species can die because of humans.  Later we went to take a train ride right in the middle of the center! The Infection Connection Train is a fake train ride that teaches you all about certain types of diseases and how careful you have to be to make sure that you don't get any. My mom took us to conduct an experiment like real scientist do - with lab coats and goggles - that taught us about how to find out if a person has a specific disease.

First I am going to talk about some of the diseases we learned about on the Infection Connection Train ride.  The diseases discussed were HIV, Influenza, Malaria, and Tuberculosis.  This was what we learned:

- HIV can be passed from mother to child through breast feeding. It can be treated with meds that keep the people from dying. Without meds, it can turn into AIDS.

- Influenza is usually called the Flu. The flu is highly contagious.  For example: if you have the flu and you are at school and you sneeze without covering your mouth, you may cause another child or a grown-up to get sick.

- Malaria is caused when a mosquito bites one person with the disease, then bites someone else, and infects the new person with the malaria virus. This disease occurs in countries like the Philippines, Brazil, and those in Africa, and when tourists visit them they can get this disease.

- Tuberculosis is a coughing disease and is transferred through the air. When someone coughs and you breathe in their germs you can get this disease. It is very contagious and people die from it.

            The 3D movie was about a couple of turtles that were captured and put in an aquarium.  The aquarium was filled with animals that wanted to escape back to their homes.  The animals lived in different cages that copied their habitats.  The animals tried to fake that they were sick from an oil spill in the aquarium, but after a while some almost died.  To save them, the humans let them go as they flushed the oil out. The turtles went back home to their wives and children, and were happy.

            The best part of the day was the lab experiment.  We got to test whether 3 patients had HIV or not by doing an Eliza test.  It was really fun! My mom helped us understand the instructions better. My friends were very excited.  I learned how important it is to not contaminate your tools when you do an experiment. We found out that patient #2 had HIV by comparing his or results with our control #4.

            The day also included seeing insects like the giant cockroaches and animals like the rats, seeing and exploring some energy displays, and checking out fish animals in Hudson County. We went out on the balcony and I got to look out through a binocular-like machine!  I saw people on boats, a helicopter I couldn’t see with my eyes alone, the big buildings downtown and I think I saw a lake too. We explored the body and found out what a sneeze could do. Later we tried to figure out if a mannequin (with a beating heart!) was sick and with what. While the rest of my class ate lunch, I went with my mom to the gift shop. It was a great day!

 As the sun comes up, I am laying in my bed.  Whimpering.  Wishing I would not have to leave.  As I lay down, I wonder “What about my friends?” What will I do without them?  They guide me through my life.  They help me stand when I am weak.  They help me go through times when I am wounded.  They help me believe that I can do it.  If I move to Paris, I will be swept of my love from my friends. My mother says “You will find other friends in Paris.”  That is true but I will never find friends like them.  They are amazing.

1.  My favorite animal:    My favorite aniimals are piglets.  This is because piglets are made out of my two favorite things - small things and anything pink.  Those 2 together make a beautiful creation.  I really do not know why I love small things but it has been that way ever since I was born.  We all know that most girls love little things.

2  My favorite teacher:    My absolute favorite teacher is Mrs. Ravera.  The reason that I like Mrs. Ravera is because she is very enviormental.  She likes to recycle and compost.  I remember when she used to take a multiple number of kids down to our school garden.  Mrs. Ravera was very sweet, but she also stayed on top of her students.

3.  My favorite music artist:     Jason Chen is my favorite music artist.  This is because he is an average teenager who has style, a fantastic voice and the determination to continue writing and singing songs.  I believe that Jason does not use tricks or anything to make his voice sound better in his videos.  He has such an amazing voice that he doesn’t even need all those things.  Some stars use those to make their voices sound better.

4.  My favorite t.v show:    My most favorite t.v show in the whole world is “Shake It Up” on the Disney Channel.  This show is about 2 teenagers that are BFF’s and they dance together on a show called “Shake It Up Chicago.”  I love this show because it’s a comedy show and it is filled with fun.  Some of the characters are weird but extremely funny and the other characters are just funny and fierce.

5.  My favorite fruit:    My favorite fruit is the apricot.  I love apricots because they are soft, slightly sour, and sweet.  This fruit looks like a baby peach, and peaches are fantastic tasting. Apricots are also very juicy and even taste good when they are dried.  They’re very small so they are very cute!

6.  My favorite place::    My favorite place is New York City. This is because it’s a very busy place with lots of people.  Also, the neighborhoods are very nice.  There are many different festivals and museums.

7.  My favorite class:    My favorite class is music class.  I like this class because I am able to show my talent.  A lot of people say that I’m a good singer. I also like music class because I am able to finally see the teacher who I only get to see once a week – Mrs. Ross.  I see all of my other teachers at least twice a week.  I am happy when I see Mrs. Ross.

8.  My favorite clothes store:    My favorite clothes store is “Justice.”  For the people who don’t know what Justice is, it is a store that has retro clothes.  This is one of the reasons why I love it.  Plus their clothes are very cute.

9.  My favorite book:    My favorite book is “Dear Dumb Diary.” I like this book because all of the books are filled with entertainment.  Some parts are so funny that I get up and start acting them out.

10.  My favorite vegetable:    My favorite vegetable is zucchini. This is because zucchini is very soft and savory, especially when you cook it.

 “MMM” the beast exclaimed as he followed the flying monkey home. “I’m going to have a scrumptious dinner this evening.” The horrible beast is thinking about kidnapping all the animals. So the beast created a mischievous plan. He will hide in a tree until dawn and when the zookeeper wasn’t watching the monster dived down and threw a rock at the zookeeper’s head. The zookeeper was knocked unconscious. When the zookeeper woke he found a trail of the beast’s hair, so he followed it into the Beast’s hidden cavern. Then everyone combined their powers and defeated the beast once and for all..

Cross, Lelia. osprey_fam1.jpg. July, 2010. Pics4Learning. 4 Jun 2013
 As I was walking home from school one day.  My mother and I were having a wonderful conversation and out of nowhere my mother starts yelling out "Hawk,Hawk".  Without even noticing that a few birds swooped down and took my hat right off of my head.  When I got home I finally realized my hat was gone.  Soon we spotted the birds who took my hat after we waited two hours looking for my hat.  Then I threw a small piece of bread to catch the birds attention. This made the hawks drop the hat and try to catch the bread.
What 100 word story can you create?

If you are a person who always throws out their ripped socks, then listen closely.  Here are 10 ways you can use a ripped up sock with lots of holes in them.

#1.You can wash it and use it to wipe your tables after you finish eating

#2.You can give it to your dogs so they can use it as a chew toy

#3.You can sew on a fake mustache and use it as a sock puppet

#4.You can wash it and use for gloves and you can stick your fingers through the holes

#5.You can also use the sock to wipe your face in the shower if you get soap in your eyes

#6.To save money, you can rip the sock into pieces and put a piece of the sock on your cut

#7.You can use it to scrub out the stains in your clothes

#8.You can use it to cover your hand when you take something hot out of the oven

#9.You can use it to wipe the mirrors in your house if they’re dirty

#10.Lastly, you can use it to shin your car when needed

#1.What are you passionate about blogging challenge.

I love this blogging challenge because I got to write about something I really love.  It felt like I was just writing something for fun when I was writing that post.  I wrote so much for that blog post because I didn’t want to stop writing.

#2.Reptiles or amphibians presentation.

I like this challenge because I got to make my presentation as fancy I wanted it to be.  Also I was able to try to make my presentation the best in class.  Also I got to add music to my prezi.  I got to add pictures too!  With the pictures I added, I was able to put a star next to my favorite reptile…the iguana.

#3.The secret that lies in the forest

I liked this challenge because I got to use fun web 2.0 tools.  Web 2.0 tools are online websites to do assignments or projects.  The web 2.0 tool that I used was "Story jumper".
What were your 3 favorite blogging challenges?
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