A lot of kids now in days fail tests because they think it is boring to
study.  I have a solution to that.  Here are my 5 favorite
educational online games.

#1.sumdog: I love it because it’s challenge and when
you use it in class, you can challenge your friends.

#2.interactive learning: I really enjoy it because
you can choose what subject and whichever game you like.

:I consider this educational because you can play games
for all different types of subjects.

#4.coolmath:I like this website because you are able
to play multiple math games and some are puzzle games and some are just to have

#5.heifer:This website has
educational games that can help many children in multiple subjects.

#6.learninggames:I like this website because it can
be used for more than 1 grade level.

#7.kidzpage:this is
educational because you can use puzzles.  If a kid is playing this he/she
 probably won’t even know it’s an educational game.

#8.funschool:I like this website because it has
games for all different subjects including science.

#9.funbrain:this website is nice because it has
regular games and learning games.

#10.primarygames:I like this because it has games to
teach kids how to stay healthy
What educational games do you think should be alous in school?

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