The nine blogs that I visited for the Count Out Three Blogging Challenge #11  from Miss. W’s webpage were the blogs of :

Rilei’s blog at

2. Maryssa’s blog at

3. Angie’s blog at

(I commented on this blog.)

4. Tali’s blog at

5. Cayla’s blog at

6. Sasha’s blog at

(I commented on this blog.)

7. Bailee’s blog at

8. Julia’s blog at

9. Elysa’s blog at

(I commented on this blog.)

All these blogs were interesting in some way. For example, Kayla’s blog was interesting because it had very fancy text and a great picture in the header at the top of  her web page.  As well, in her post discussing educational games, she included a mini-description of each game which made me want to play those games, especially the games which will help me in addressing my problem areas in writing. 

            Out of the three post which I commented on, my favorite was the one by Elyssa.  Her blog was my favorite because she helped all her readers become better artists.  Also, she gave step-by-step descriptions and included a picture so you could see what each phase of the drawing should look like. That was wonderful.  I plan on using her help when I have a school art project, am free drawing, or just want to show off to my friends.


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