#1.What are you passionate about blogging challenge.

I love this blogging challenge because I got to write about something I really love.  It felt like I was just writing something for fun when I was writing that post.  I wrote so much for that blog post because I didn’t want to stop writing.

#2.Reptiles or amphibians presentation.

I like this challenge because I got to make my presentation as fancy I wanted it to be.  Also I was able to try to make my presentation the best in class.  Also I got to add music to my prezi.  I got to add pictures too!  With the pictures I added, I was able to put a star next to my favorite reptile…the iguana.

#3.The secret that lies in the forest

I liked this challenge because I got to use fun web 2.0 tools.  Web 2.0 tools are online websites to do assignments or projects.  The web 2.0 tool that I used was "Story jumper".
What were your 3 favorite blogging challenges?

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