} On June 6th, 2013, the 4th grade went to Liberty Science Center.  It was the best day of my life.  We were scientists, we were inside the Infection Connection Train and we saw lots of cool sea animals.  The day started when we watched a 3D movie about sea animals and how some species can die because of humans.  Later we went to take a train ride right in the middle of the center! The Infection Connection Train is a fake train ride that teaches you all about certain types of diseases and how careful you have to be to make sure that you don't get any. My mom took us to conduct an experiment like real scientist do - with lab coats and goggles - that taught us about how to find out if a person has a specific disease.

First I am going to talk about some of the diseases we learned about on the Infection Connection Train ride.  The diseases discussed were HIV, Influenza, Malaria, and Tuberculosis.  This was what we learned:

- HIV can be passed from mother to child through breast feeding. It can be treated with meds that keep the people from dying. Without meds, it can turn into AIDS.

- Influenza is usually called the Flu. The flu is highly contagious.  For example: if you have the flu and you are at school and you sneeze without covering your mouth, you may cause another child or a grown-up to get sick.

- Malaria is caused when a mosquito bites one person with the disease, then bites someone else, and infects the new person with the malaria virus. This disease occurs in countries like the Philippines, Brazil, and those in Africa, and when tourists visit them they can get this disease.

- Tuberculosis is a coughing disease and is transferred through the air. When someone coughs and you breathe in their germs you can get this disease. It is very contagious and people die from it.

            The 3D movie was about a couple of turtles that were captured and put in an aquarium.  The aquarium was filled with animals that wanted to escape back to their homes.  The animals lived in different cages that copied their habitats.  The animals tried to fake that they were sick from an oil spill in the aquarium, but after a while some almost died.  To save them, the humans let them go as they flushed the oil out. The turtles went back home to their wives and children, and were happy.

            The best part of the day was the lab experiment.  We got to test whether 3 patients had HIV or not by doing an Eliza test.  It was really fun! My mom helped us understand the instructions better. My friends were very excited.  I learned how important it is to not contaminate your tools when you do an experiment. We found out that patient #2 had HIV by comparing his or results with our control #4.

            The day also included seeing insects like the giant cockroaches and animals like the rats, seeing and exploring some energy displays, and checking out fish animals in Hudson County. We went out on the balcony and I got to look out through a binocular-like machine!  I saw people on boats, a helicopter I couldn’t see with my eyes alone, the big buildings downtown and I think I saw a lake too. We explored the body and found out what a sneeze could do. Later we tried to figure out if a mannequin (with a beating heart!) was sick and with what. While the rest of my class ate lunch, I went with my mom to the gift shop. It was a great day!


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