1.  My favorite animal:    My favorite aniimals are piglets.  This is because piglets are made out of my two favorite things - small things and anything pink.  Those 2 together make a beautiful creation.  I really do not know why I love small things but it has been that way ever since I was born.  We all know that most girls love little things.

2  My favorite teacher:    My absolute favorite teacher is Mrs. Ravera.  The reason that I like Mrs. Ravera is because she is very enviormental.  She likes to recycle and compost.  I remember when she used to take a multiple number of kids down to our school garden.  Mrs. Ravera was very sweet, but she also stayed on top of her students.

3.  My favorite music artist:     Jason Chen is my favorite music artist.  This is because he is an average teenager who has style, a fantastic voice and the determination to continue writing and singing songs.  I believe that Jason does not use tricks or anything to make his voice sound better in his videos.  He has such an amazing voice that he doesn’t even need all those things.  Some stars use those to make their voices sound better.

4.  My favorite t.v show:    My most favorite t.v show in the whole world is “Shake It Up” on the Disney Channel.  This show is about 2 teenagers that are BFF’s and they dance together on a show called “Shake It Up Chicago.”  I love this show because it’s a comedy show and it is filled with fun.  Some of the characters are weird but extremely funny and the other characters are just funny and fierce.

5.  My favorite fruit:    My favorite fruit is the apricot.  I love apricots because they are soft, slightly sour, and sweet.  This fruit looks like a baby peach, and peaches are fantastic tasting. Apricots are also very juicy and even taste good when they are dried.  They’re very small so they are very cute!

6.  My favorite place::    My favorite place is New York City. This is because it’s a very busy place with lots of people.  Also, the neighborhoods are very nice.  There are many different festivals and museums.

7.  My favorite class:    My favorite class is music class.  I like this class because I am able to show my talent.  A lot of people say that I’m a good singer. I also like music class because I am able to finally see the teacher who I only get to see once a week – Mrs. Ross.  I see all of my other teachers at least twice a week.  I am happy when I see Mrs. Ross.

8.  My favorite clothes store:    My favorite clothes store is “Justice.”  For the people who don’t know what Justice is, it is a store that has retro clothes.  This is one of the reasons why I love it.  Plus their clothes are very cute.

9.  My favorite book:    My favorite book is “Dear Dumb Diary.” I like this book because all of the books are filled with entertainment.  Some parts are so funny that I get up and start acting them out.

10.  My favorite vegetable:    My favorite vegetable is zucchini. This is because zucchini is very soft and savory, especially when you cook it.


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