If you are a person who always throws out their ripped socks, then listen closely.  Here are 10 ways you can use a ripped up sock with lots of holes in them.

#1.You can wash it and use it to wipe your tables after you finish eating

#2.You can give it to your dogs so they can use it as a chew toy

#3.You can sew on a fake mustache and use it as a sock puppet

#4.You can wash it and use for gloves and you can stick your fingers through the holes

#5.You can also use the sock to wipe your face in the shower if you get soap in your eyes

#6.To save money, you can rip the sock into pieces and put a piece of the sock on your cut

#7.You can use it to scrub out the stains in your clothes

#8.You can use it to cover your hand when you take something hot out of the oven

#9.You can use it to wipe the mirrors in your house if they’re dirty

#10.Lastly, you can use it to shin your car when needed


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